Dec 132017

Mostly, you will download 3D SBS MP4 video from YouTube 3D channel and other 3D download sites to playback with your VR devices. But there are still many people who are wondering whether they can backup their DVD videos to digital 3D SBS MP4 files so that they don’t need to download any video from the online, especially, when they can’t find the source they want.

Converting DVD to 3D SBS MP4 is easy only if your DVD Ripper not only can bypass DVD encryption like region codes, CSS, etc and can output 3D MP4 format. Here, we would recommend aPubsoft Blu-ray Ripper to help you create 3D SBS MP4 video files for your Samsung 3D TV, LG 3D TV, Sony 3D TV, Daydream VR, HTC Vive, PS VR, Homido VR, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift CV1, etc with suitable 3D depth, video size and audio codec.

Free download aPubsoft Blu-ray Ripper:

Download aPubsoft Blu-ray Ripper Download aPubosft Blu-ray Ripper for Mac

How to convert/rip DVD to 3D SBS MP4 video?

Step 1. Load DVD movie.

Install and launch aPubsoft Blu-ray Ripper as the best DVD Ripper. Insert DVD into disc drive which is well connected with the computer, and click the “Load Disc” button to load DVD movie. It will automatically detect the main title to convert.

Best DVD Ripper - Load DVD movie

Step 2. Set 3D MP4 format as output

Click “Profile” bar and move mouse to “3D Video” column, you can choose “MP4 Side-by-Side 3D Video (*.mp4)” as output format for your View-Master VR and other VR devices. If you want to output Anaglyph 3D or Top-Bottom 3D, you could choose it according to your specific need.

Rip DVD to 3D SBS MP4 video format

Tip: You can click “Settings” option to set profile parameters to get better video quality, such as video codec, file size, video bitrate, frame rate, 3D depth, etc.

Step 4. Rip DVD to 3D SBS MP4

Hit the “Convert” button to rip DVD movies to 3D SBS MP4 video with best video quality and 3D effect.

After the DVD to 3D SBS video conversion completed, click the “Open Folder” button to locate the created 3D SBS .mp4 video and transfer to Stereoscopic Player for entertainment or put the 3D SBS MP4 video files to your Smartphone to enjoy on ANT VR, Gear VR, Daydream VR, etc.

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