Mar 162018

Is it possible to import movies to 3D Oculus Rift with Side-by-Side effect?

Q: “I’m just wondering if the Rift had the ability to make movies, such as Avatar, 3d. If it cannot, is there a way that someone would be able to import my 3D BD to the Rift is possible? I mean just for the SBS effect.”

In the context of movies, the word “make” means to record or to render. The current model of the Oculus Rift VR can only PLAY movies, using multiple available video player apps available for it. So far if you want to move current movie collection to Rift, the best solution for us users is to convert 3D movies to Oculus Rift with best Side-by-Side effect and proper format for playback.

Here we will introduce you a powerful 3D movie to 3D SBS MP4 converter – aPubsoft Blu-ray Ripper. As a professional 3D movie to Oculus Rift converter, it can easily convert 3D movies including Blu-rays, ISO folders, 3D AVI/WMV/MOV/FLV/M2TS with most suitable Side-by-Side effect with super fast speed, to create true theater entertainment at home instead of going to cinema. Moreover, it well supports 3D Anaglyph/Top-Bottom to Side-by-Side conversions.

Free download aPubsoft Blu-ray Ripper:

Download aPubsoft Blu-ray Ripper Download aPubosft Blu-ray Ripper for Mac


How to convert 3D movies into 3D SBS MP4 for watching on Oculus Rift?


Step 1. Import 3D files or 3D Blu-ray/DVD

Launch aPubsoft Blu-ray Ripper as the best 3D SBS Video Converter. Click “Load files” button to import your 3D Blu-ray disc, 3D Blu-ray ISO or 3D Blu-ray folder. For 3D video file, click the “Add video” button, browse to computer hard drive and import video into this app.

3D SBS MP4 Converter - Load 3D movies

Step 2. Select SBS 3D MP4 as output format

Click “Profile” bar on the interface then navigate to “3D Video” category, and choose “MP4 Side-by-Side 3D Video (*.mp4)” as the output format for the Rift.

Convert 3D movies to 3D SBS MP4 for Rift

Tip: If necessary, you are allowed to adjust video and audio presets in “Settings”. Parameters like video codec, video bitrate, video frame rate, audio sample rate, audio channel, and more can be adjusted to achieve a better video/audio playback on Oculus Rift.

Step 3. Start BD/DVD/Video to 3D SBS MP4 conversion

Click “Convert” button to convert Blu-ray/DVD/3D video to 3D SBS MP4 for Oculus Rift with original quality preserving and perfectly 3D effect.

After the BD/DVD/Video to 3D SBS MP4 conversion finished, you can click “Open Folder” button to get the created 3D SBS videos. Then, setup your Oculus Rift and put the generated 3D SBS MP4 videos to Oculus Rift and start your theatric 3D experience at home!