Mar 112018

The OnePlus 5T keeps much of the 5’s internal hardware, including the processor, battery and headphone jack, which is becoming so endangered these days. Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835 (Octa-core, 10nm, up to 2.45GHz), OxygenOS based on Android 7.1.1 Nougat. But the screen and camera are what changed most. The 5T’s 6-inch AMOLED Sdisplay now takes up most of the phone face and OnePlus swapped out the 20-megapixel telephoto lens on its dual camera, replacing it with a lens for low light.

When you get the OnePlus 5T, you may want to watch your favorite movies on it. However, this Android phone doesn’t play movies purchased from Apple iTunes store. What if you have lots of iTunes M4V movies and want to transfer them to OnePlus 5T for playback? Why Android smartphone doesn’t support iTunes video files? How to transfer iTunes videos to OnePlus 5T easily? In this article, you will find all the answers.

DRM, is a kind of technology adopted by digital media sellers to control the way customers using those files after sale. It’s declared to protect the rights of copyrighters, but actually infringes our rights in enjoying something we legally purchased. In other words, DRM leads us to buy damaged goods and leaves us no chance to deny it. It should be modified to Digital Restrictions Management, because it’s not about rights at all, but only restrictions. We can’t play any DRMed iTunes media on Android device, OnePlus 5T is included.

OnePlus 5T supported formats

Recording: WAV, AAC, AMR

Playback: MKV, MOV, MP4, H.265(HEVC), AVI, WMV, TS, 3GP, FLV, WEBM
Recording: MP4

iTunes M4V isn’t a supported format by OnePlus 5T. How to remove DRM protection from purchased iTunes M4V movies? How can we play iTunes M4V movies on OnePlus 5T? Definitely there is! In order to play and watch iTunes videos on OnePlus 5T, you need to both remove DRM protection from iTunes M4V and meanwhile convert M4V to OnePlus 5T best playback formats like H.264 MP4. To accomplish your task, aPubsoft Video Converter (Windows Version | Mac Version) is a great choice. With it, you can convert protected M4V to unprotected MP4 for playing on OnePlus 5T and other popular portable media players. After the conversion, you can transfer your iTunes M4V to OnePlus 5T and enjoy them anywhere you go.

Free download iTunes to OnePlus 5T Converter:

Free Download aPubsoft Video Converter Free Download aPubsoft Video Converter for Mac


How to play iTunes M4V videos on OnePlus 5T


Step 1. Load iTunes M4V files

Run aPubsoft Video Converter as the best OnePlus 5T iTunes Converter. Click “Add File” button to load your downloaded iTunes .m4v files.

iTunes to OnePlus 5T Converter - Load iTunes M4V files

Step 2. Choose MP4 as output format

Click “Profile” drop-down list, and select “HD > HD MPEG-4 Video (*.mp4)” as output video format for OnePlus 5T. You can also select other format for OnePlus 5T from the format list.

Convert iTunes M4V to MP4 for OnePlus 5T

Step 3. Start iTunes to OnePlus 5T conversion

Click the “Convert” button to convert iTunes M4A to MP4 for playback on OnePlus 5T with original quality on Windows or Mac.

After iTunes M4V to MP4 conversion completed, you can click “Open Folder” button to locate the generated .mp4 video files. After that, transfer the movies to your OnePlus 5T for enjoyment.

Tip: Since OnePlus 5T don’t have the drive for Blu-ray playback, in order to make Blu-ray movies playable on OnePlus 5T, you need to rip Blu-ray/DVD to OnePlus 5T supported video formats like MP4 first before transferring them to your device. aPubsoft Blu-ray Ripper is a good choice for ripping Blu-ray and DVD movies to OnePlus 5T compatible video files with fast ripping speed and excellent output video quality.

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